Three years later

Three years have passed since the East Japan Earthquake.

I am still lost for words when I try to talk about my feelings for what happened, and what’s been still happening in my motherland. I never dreamed of where we’d stand today, three years later, both personally and as a country.

Today I’d like to share two pieces of music that were inspired by the disaster, as my heartfelt tribute to everyone who has been affected by the disaster.

The first piece is an improvisation with my best friend, who flew in from Tokyo 2 days after the earthquake:

House of Phoenix – with marimba player SINSKE (2011)

And the second one is the piece I wrote and recorded for my dear friend and collaborator Minako Yoshino’s painfully touching video “Inori – Pray for Japan”, which is officially released today:

Inori – Pray for Japan – Minako Yoshino (2013)