March 12 – Biograph Dramas [silent film accompaniment]

When: Thursday, March 12th, 2020 at 6:30PM
What: Biograph Dramas

Although For the Son of the House is attributed to Biograph comedy director Dell Henderson, the theme and advanced style suggest the powerful influence (if not actual authorship) of D. W. Griffith, who had left Biograph in a dispute a few weeks before this one-reeler was released. The Conscience of Hassan Bey is a rare Biograph “exotic,” featuring Lillian Gish in the surprising role of a rug maker’s daughter coveted by a caliph. Two multi-reel films by Travers Vale (birth name: Solomon Flohm) starring his wife Louise illustrate Biograph’s reluctant embrace of the emerging “feature film” format. Vale’s adaptation of the stage warhorse East Lynne features a young, curly-haired Alan Hale as the villain. Piano accompaniment by Ben Model.

Program approx. 120 min.

For the Son of the House. 1913. USA. Directed by Dell Henderson

Conscience of Hassan Bey. 1913. USA. Directed by Chirsty Cabanne

The Derelicts. 1914. USA. Directed by Travers Vale

East Lynne. 1915. USA. Directed by Travers Vale

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